Choosing A Sony Lcd TV


If you've watched a soccer match at any sports pub recently, you've probably seen the large screen television on the wall, with its amazingly sharp and fluid picture, and gone through a bit of envy.  These gigantic displays have come down in price by nearly forty percent since the start of 2006, and there are several competing manufacturers and models to choose from.

First, slightly over half of the broadcasters in the UK broadcast digital high definition signals, and the number is expected to grow.  HDTV signals are broadcast in a standard called 1080i or 1080p.  1080 is the number of scan lines the broadcast supports, and i and p at the end mean interlaced (less expensive, and slightly more screen flicker) or progressive scan (higher end).  By comparison, the PAL resolution of 352 by 288 is roughly one 12th the screen resolution. 

Digital TV displays are typically in a 16:9 aspect ratio, similar to whatís used in cinema.  This allows a more immersive display.  However, not all HDTV displays are made equal; some economize and run at 1366 x 768 resolution, rather than the full 1920 by 1080 standard.  Typically, those that do are less expensive, or last yearís models.

Where the models from Sony differ from other companies is in the electronics behind the display.  Sony TVs use a patented display colour matching system called BRAVIA which uses real time computational matching to bring added warmth to the otherwise cooler digital colour palette.  Other places where Sony stands to shine is in its backlighting system, which is very robust.  Overall, Sonyís TV quality is excellent, though at upwards of 50 kilos for the largest models, youíll want to dispense with the floor stand and have it professionally mounted on your living room wall.

Specific model recommendations are the KDL-52X2000, which is a monster 52  (132 cm) display.  It consumes nearly 300 watts in operation, which is amazingly low given its size.  With a depth of 13 cm, it's thick enough to hang on a wall, though youíll want to make sure that itís got adequate ventilation. We found this online store that sold Wall brackets suitable for the Sony TVs, It comes equipped with Dolby-surround capable speakers included, at 22 total Watts (11 watts per channel), giving excellent sound quality.

For those on a slightly more limited budget (the KDL-52X2000 costs almost five thousand pounds), there are a range of options.  The KDL-46X2000 has nearly identical features, but sacrifices 6 inches (13 cm) of diagonal display area, but costs 2,000 pounds less.   The next size smaller has nearly the same feature set (losing a bit of programmability), but is a mere 2,000 pounds retail.  Going below that model, we get into HD Ready TVs that support the lower resolution mentioned above ñ they can be had for bargain prices as many local vendors are trying to unload them quickly.  Models to look for are the nearly the same ñ replace the X in the product codes above with a V.



A Look At Champagne

Traditionally, Champagne has always a way to celebrate milestones or toast the bride and groom on their marriage.  Considered to be a flexible beverage, Champagne can be served with a meal or with dessert.  For many years, this truly refreshing and exotic drink has been used as a way of celebration and just enjoying the times that lie ahead.

Champagne comes from the vineyards of the French region.  If you get a bottle and notice Champagne imprinted on the label, you can rest assured that the bottle was produced in the vineyards of France.  If you donít get Champagne that was produced in the infamous French regions, you are pretty much just buying the standard sparkling wine.  You should also make sure that the bottle is spelled ìChampagneî, with a capital C.  French manufacturers are very protective of this very name, and therefore are the only ones that are authorized to use it.

Champagne is made using three different types of grape - Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay.  Noir and Meunier are types of black grapes, while the well known Chardonnay is a type of white grape.  The label on the bottle will signify what type of Champagne you are buying, so youíll know what flavor to expect.  There are also types of this wine that are a blend of different grapes, providing quite an exquisite taste to say the least.

Much like sparkling wine, Champagne is very common with celebrations and such.  Although it is actually considered to be a type of sparkling wine, Champagne is much better.  You have to be careful where you buy it though, as a lot of manufacturers like to use cheaper grapes, which donít taste the same.  If you have ever tasted this wine before - youíll know first hand what quality tastes like.

A lot of people prefer Champagne because of the bubbles that are known to spew forth once a bottle has been uncorked.  The bubbles that spew from this wine are the result of tiny drops of liquid that are disturbed by the carbonic acid gas.  Once the liquid is disturbed, the bubbles form and short out of the bottle.  This is a natural reaction of the double fermentation process that can only be found with a bottle of Champagne.

The next time you have a celebration and need something to make the celebration a bit more interesting, you should grab a bottle of Champagne.  Few things compliment a celebration like the bursting bubbles of a fine bottle.  You can find quality Champagne at ABC stores or other stores that sell alcoholic beverages.  Even though it may cost you a bit of money - when you pop the top youíll be glad you bought it.

Heather Fay: Next Big Star

R&B sensation Heather Fay is set to soon debut her follow up album to her previous release, Sensual. After Sensual's top hit 'Finally Free' charted internationally at #3 on the Euro Indie Top 100 Charts Heather got to work on her next compilation of hits while simultaneously studying to receive her bachelors degree at the Los Angeles Film School.
As if that isn't enough already, Heather Fay is expanding her never ending slue of creative talents with a new found path in acting. Between studying for her bachelors degree, finishing up her next album and filming on set for an independent feature film this summer, it's safe to say Heather Fay has a lot in store for us for the remainder of 2021 and well into 2022!

We are proud featuring Heather on the cover of “Vogue Patio”. Let’s get all the tea about her success!

VP: Hi Heather, it’s a pleasure meeting you! How is life?

HF: Thank you so much! Happy to be here! Life is wonderful right now I'm excited about everything I've been working on!


VP: 2020 has been a tough year all over the globe. How was it for you?

HF: 2020 definitely had its ups and downs. I had to adjust to the world shutting down and making sure I did my part to keep everyone safe while still being creative and productive at the same time! Finding the balance between the two was the challenging part!


VP: How has, in your opinion, Covid’19 affected the music industry?

HF: It affected the music industry tremendously and more than what a lot of people would like to admit. A lot of the music industry was still bouncing back and financially recovering from switching over to digital sales vs. physical and then Covid happened. Music revenue took a hit when sales went digital causing artists and labels to make the majority of their money from touring and merchandise sales. Which was fine for acts that have a large fanbase for ticket and merchandise sales and those artists kept the labels going so to speak. When Covid '19 hit there was no more touring. All shows and festivals were canceled for quite some time which took a financial hit on everyone from top to bottom in the industry. 

Read the full interview with Heather in the new "Vogue Patio" #9. Get your copy here!

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What is Cell Cica? The magical cream for psoriasis.

Miracle cream for psoriasis!
Doctors told me there’s nothing they can do.
After 10 years of suffering, finally I found a solution.

“After I sit down, friends find my flakes on the chair.
I’ve been mortified and depressed.”

If you have experienced something like this before, you have found the right page. Don’t worry, your skin will be saved!

Cell Cica is a cream you can easily use at home.

Created in Japan, this cream has cured so many psoriasis patients.

Many people were cured of their red, itchy, scaling skin after applying this cream.

Why is Cell Cica so special?


They mixed their original cellvate for psoriasis in Japan and combined 10 ingredients, such as Madecassoside Fluid stem cell culture medium.

This cellvate contains centella asiatica, which has remarkable benefits according to a WHO announcement in the 21st century, in which they said centella asiatica must be protected.

Centella asiatica is also known as tiger grass and, indeed, there is a myth that once a wild tiger was hurt and applied this herb to heal.
This cellvate will support the best skin and enhance the body's metabolism.

More than 50% of patients experienced positive effects within the first couple of months.

In addition to expecting good outcomes from this cream, you don’t have to worry about side effects.

Cell Cica will be a great hope for anybody suffering from psoriasis.

If you, your friend, or a family member is suffering from psoriasis, we highly recommend this special Japanese cream called Cell Cica!

Tips&Tricks for dry skin from Kim K

Sometimes skin has a low level of sebum, which is the natural oil that is produced by skin glands.  It is called dry skin and it cannot hold moisture and will look parched and feel tight when washed and in some extreme times, it can show some signs of chapping and cracking. The wind and very high or low temperatures can steal the natural moisture and make the skin feel tight across the bones. Dry skin can cause embarrassing flakes and any mark or dry skin will be very dull and show up on cheeks and near the eyes.  You may also find dry skin on the knees, hands and in the mid section.


The most common cause of dry skin is the lack of sufficient moisture from sebum. In some cases, this can be due to genetic conditions. There are also environmental causes like exposure to sun, cold, cosmetics, chemicals, and wind can cause dry skin too.  Other reasons can be poor diet.  A diet that is deficient in vitamin A and B is more likely to take away the skin’s moisture.  Skin diseases like dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, or seborrhea are causes of dry skin.  It can be a result also of other conditions like diabetes and hypothyroidism and the use of certain drugs like diuretics, antispasmodics, and antihistamines.


Dry skin is also going to need a lot of easy cleansing, massage to stimulate the sebum production and a lot of quality in moisture and oil.  When you are washing your skin with soap it will take out the natural protective oil along with the dirt.  Use of a good moisturizer will return lost water content to the skin.  You can use neutral not acidic or alkaline products for washing the skin and abstain from using commercial soaps.  After the second cleansing you need to treat the skin lightly with moisturizing cream.


Once you have taken a bath or shower, you can apply baby oil over the skin. The area that is around the eyes needs to have a bigger application of the oil. You can also massage your face and apply some homemade remedies that are suggested by a doctor. 


Every morning you should treat your skin with a spray of mineral water.  You should then apply some beauty mask for dry skin and mix together one egg, teaspoon of honey, half teaspoon of olive oil and a couple drops of rose water.  This makes a great mask to use on your face and body. 


Eating a good balanced diet that is loaded with vitamins and minerals is a great idea. You should include some sulfur containing foods like onion, garlic, asparagus, and eggs as part of your diet.  You can eat more carrots and yellow and orange vegetables.  You should refrain from alcohol, caffeine, coffee, tea, and sugary drinks.  Other items to limit are French fries, and other junk food that are high in grease or fat.  This will help to keep your skin healthy and stop it from drying out.


Why Do You Need Teeth Whitening?

Do you know the enemy that causes tooth stains? It is quite

interesting to note that every tooth is comprised of an

inner dentin layer and a protective outer enamel layer

which is much harder.


Regular intake of food stuff, nicotine and caffeine tends

to form another coating over the enamel layer like a

pellicle film. This film can be removed chemically as well

as by scraping by a dentist.


Brushing helps to clean the teeth stains to some extent and

there are special abrasive toothpastes which help further

the process. Teeth whitening toothpastes are also available

which are effective in cleaning such stains on our teeth



Our teeth enamel is porous in nature. Hydroxyapatite

crystals in the form of microscopic hexagonal ìrodsî make

up the enamel.


The accumulation of the foreign substances over the years

gets into the pores and settles on the inner layer where it

is very difficult to scrape them. Though these deep stains

are actually quite harmless, they do not look good.


Thus to get rid of these tough stains, people seek the help

of professional teeth whitening procedures.


During such teeth whitening procedures, a bleaching

chemical agent is used called carbamide peroxide or

hydrogen peroxide.


This is present in a tooth whitener and it triggers a

chemical - rather an oxidation reaction - which manage to

break the staining compounds.


The chemical compound carbamide peroxide breaks within the

mouth into urea and hydrogen peroxide.


The hydrogen peroxide plays a vital role in the teeth

whitening process.

Proven Weight Loss Tips

Did you read the latest headline or here the latest TV commercial on weight loss? Surely, you know now you can lose 5 pounds overnight and still eat everything you want to and never gain it back? No exercise needed just take this little miracle pill and the pounds will drop right off? You and over 40% of the adult population, which is overweight, have heard this dribble, so many times; you don't believe a word of it. Now get ready for weight loss information you can believe. This article is going to give you righteous, weight loss tips free. 

Think about this for a minute. It may not be your fault that you are over weight. Thatís right! You may be carrying the extra weight because of genetics. In other words, if your family tree shows overweight people in it, you may well have inherited the same fat gene. But, there is always a but; you may have contributed to the problem by not eating right and living a sedate lifestyle.

Now, even though you may have inherited some of the problem, you have to take responsibility for having added to the problem. Once you accept the responsibility, it will be much easier for you to make the decision that things have to change. Not only do you have to lose weight but that you have to change your lifestyle. Failure is not an option because it can result in you cutting years off your life. 

Your second weight loss tips free is to talk with your personal doctor, to make sure you don't have an illness, which is causing you to be overweight. At the same time your physician will tell you if youíre physically fit to begin a weight loss plan. In addition he will be able to advise you on setting realistic goals for shedding those pounds. 

It is important for you to set your goals so they are obtainable. They must be set high enough to be a challenge, but yet low enough so you don't get discouraged quickly. If your doctor tells you to lose 50 pounds, you need to break those 50 lbs down into bite size chunks. (Pun intended)

An example of doing this would be to set a long term goal of losing the 50 pounds over a six month time frame. You can break this down into a smaller goal of only 8 lbs a month. Then you can take it down even further to two pounds a week. It appears now you have a workable goal.

For your 3rd step you need to set out a plan for exercise. If you have been living a sedate lifestyle, you would be much better off if you started off walking. This will help you to get your muscles, in your legs and arms, to working again. 

Within two weeks you should be up to walking a half mile to a mile. As your wind and strength improve you may find your self able to move into a brisk walk. Your walking will be the most effective when you can sustain a heart rate of 120 beats a minute for a minimum of 30 minutes.

This article has given you proven weight loss tips free. However, those tips are going to cost you. They are going to cost you to take responsibility and action to lose the weight. 



Eating Cheap In Vegas

A Las Vegas vacation for many people is an experience to enjoy twenty-four-seven food, drink, and of course gambling.  That is the very reason that many people visit Vegas and it is also one of the main reasons that the city of Las Vegas and the gambling empires that have been built, crumbled, and been rebuilt again and again have had many of the rocky rides that offer more bumps, dips, twists, and turns than you will find on many of the roller coasters that also inhabit this great city.

Las Vegas has so much more than that to offer its visitors.  This city of bright lights and empty promises is quickly becoming a city that offers world-class entertainment and excitement to its residents and its visitors. Las Vegas has some of the best dining on the planet. Many of the wonderful dining experiences are associated with the casinos of the area but they would not be as successful as they are if there was not a reason to keep the tables full. Diners don't tend to dine if the food isn't good and a for a restaurant a bad review will travel around the world three times before ten good reviews will make it once. This means that the world-class fine dining restaurants really must earn their stripes in order to bring in the business required in order to stay in business.

I personally tend to look for the dining bargains and that is what this particular article will focus on. There many great places to eat in Vegas that will not have you busting open your piggy bank. Now my guy is a steak and potato kind of man so I always try to look for a good steak bargain. For him, I love Arizona Charlie's Boulder Sourdough CafÈ. Here you can get a 14-ounce Porterhouse for $7.99 this includes soup or salad, choice of potato or rice (5 pm-11 pm), veggies, and rolls. You can also get spaghetti and meatballs for $6.49 and Chicken Penne Primavera or fried chicken for $6.99. This is good food at its best at a price that easy on the budget. 

This is just one of the many places a person or family can get a relatively good meal inexpensively. Not all great bargains involve steaks but there are many great food bargains to have. Be aware of coupons you may find around town offering two for one food purchases or dollars off of entree purchases. It may not seem like much or two but if you can manage to save $2 per two people for 10 meals during your stay, that adds up pretty quickly to forty dollars that could buy a little time on the slot machines or tickets to one of the many great shows.


 Eating Cheap In Vegas