Meet "Vogue Patio" cover story, Mikey de Vil from Thot Leaders Podcast

Mikey (@giveitth0t on insta) has grown in notoriety from a few of his burning man videos that went viral. One is of him clearly intoxicated doing cart wheels. (Watch at your own risk. Don’t say we didn’t warn you).

We are excited to finally meet Mikey de Vil for the cover story of “Vogue Patio”. We interviewed Mikey about everything you wanted to know about his scandalous life!

VP: Hi, Mikey, how is life?
It’s been quite wild. Things have been moving very fast but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m blessed to have a supportive team and friend circle behind me. Shout out to you guys…you know who you are!

VP: I know, it’s a bad taste to ask, but… is De Vil an allegation to the devil? :)
Oh no, this is actually quite embarrassing and I’m definitely going to take a hit on my bad boy image (which might not be a bad thing). I was pretty insecure when I decided to start the show and didn’t want my real name attached to it. An alias helped me break through mental blocks and insecurities. I then looked for something from my childhood that I felt defined who I am. A good friend close to me had made her music alias a character that never existed within Batman and I decided to take a similar approach. I have a real soft spot for dogs, and when I dug into my childhood, I went straight into my favorite Disney movie “101 Dalmatians”. Mikey De Vil is the bastard child of Cruella De Vil. He shares a lot of the similar counter culture characteristics of his mother but he loves animals and differs from his mother when it comes to animal cruelty. 

VP: Well, the amount of hot girls on your instagram is going off the Fahrenheit scale. It’s absolutely insane! Which fits well to your podcast. While many people judge, you are glorifying the slut behavior. It’s a whole new way!
I’ve always had a close relationship to the adult film industry. While there will always be people that judge, it brings me great joy to tear down stigmas around sex. I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with being a slut any more than there’s anything wrong with loving to fight. Both activities can be dangerous and life destroying on the street but only one is accepted as ok by mainstream media. The simple fact a 9 year old can shoot, stab, and steal cars in a video game but can’t see a nipple blows my f**cking mind!

VP: It is mind blowing! At the same time, it’s so true - just accept who you are and move on. Be successful! Did we get the idea right?
Yes, one thing I’ll add is if there was more honest discussion around sex I don’t believe we’d see as many detrimental effects on society. 

Read the full interview in “Vogue Patio” #14 print issue. Get your copy here!