Meet Mariia Nova, cover story of "Vogue Patio" #12

Mariia Nova is a very imaginative writer who has mastered telling stories that engage her readers. She draws inspiration from the conditions of people in the world we live in today and tries to explain it through an exciting sci-fi story with a relatable character. Mariia’s qualifications include writing, music video, scripts and film scenarios. Now, long awaited by all fantasy lovers, she released her book “Infinit. The last Bridge of Sam.”

“Infinit. The last Bridge of Sam.” is a work of five years of exploration not only regarding the connections of neurons in the human brain but also the mysteries of DNA and the information that is encoded within its ribbons. Mariia transformed during this process and hopes that the reader will also find a personal journey as the reader goes with Sam through the bridges of the Universe of seven Infinits. 

Mariia Nova was born on May 12th 1984 in the small village of Smolensk a region of Russia where she grew up. At the age of fourteen, she moved to Smolensk City where in 2006 she graduated from the Teachers’ Training University having studied both English and German languages. In 2004, she journeyed to Barnstaple, London and studied acting. She moved to Los Angeles, California in  2014 where she now lives. 

 Young Mariia grew up surrounded by books. In her village, there were almost no children - so books replaced friends as well as places to explore. She spent most of her time in nature. While cattle grazed nearby, the little girl used her imagination to entertain herself - she envisioned that all of nature surrounding her was alive. The trees and flowers became her friends and were the best listeners. She often took the books with her as she communed with nature, reading to the trees, grass and flowers.

The reader of “Infinit. The last bridge of Sam.” is taken into an imaginary world of magic, adventure, with so many things to learn and discover. The narration of the novel is fast-paced, so it challenges the reader's imagination to try and understand the trajectory of the story. Every character in the book is relatable, so they draw the reader deeper into the world as they progress from one chapter to the next. The book reminds readers about the essential things in life and why humanity needs to find itself and strive to care more about the simpler things that make us what we are. “Infinit. The last bridge of Sam.” is available in 2 languages, English and Russian, and a psychological game based on the book will soon be released.

VP: Hi, Mariia, we are so happy to have you for our cover story!

MN: Hi, I am so excited about it! And thank you so much for inviting me!

VP: You are creating amazing imaginary universe in your mind. Could you possibly imagine anything like the Covid-19 that essentially shut down all the world?

MN: No. Not Covid-19. There was a really difficult year for all of us but I personally try to find positive in everything. When the whole world was shut down, I realized that this is the best time for people to go deep inside themselves and reconnect. Maybe some of us were able to look into fear’s eyes this time and overcome it or maybe someone finally heard the music of his/her own soul and, as a result, knows what the next step is towards the dream. Even those who might think they are lost should realize that it is exactly what you need now as you can learn from the point of not knowing and you can be found only if you are lost. And for those who are not lost – it is an epic time to become stronger, faster, wiser and more connected within yourself.

VP: We are excited on behalf of all the fantasy lovers for release of your book “Infinit. The last Bridge of Sam.” We heard you’ve written all the book in one go, which is 1000 pages! And then it took 3 years to find an editor to get it to publication. It’s incredible! What were your main challenges working with editors?

MN: That is a great question! Indeed, I had difficulties to find the person who would understand my vision and would help me to edit the manuscript. The main problem was that after editing I could not recognize the world I described. Some editors had their own vision of the worlds. I think it is the common problem all authors come across. I hired 4 editors and all of them could not “see” my vision. Some of them were trying to prove me that what I described was not possible to imagine. And only with the 5th editor we stuck to the very end. We have done a huge work! It took us 6 more months, but we managed!

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