Heather Fay: Next Big Star

R&B sensation Heather Fay is set to soon debut her follow up album to her previous release, Sensual. After Sensual's top hit 'Finally Free' charted internationally at #3 on the Euro Indie Top 100 Charts Heather got to work on her next compilation of hits while simultaneously studying to receive her bachelors degree at the Los Angeles Film School.
As if that isn't enough already, Heather Fay is expanding her never ending slue of creative talents with a new found path in acting. Between studying for her bachelors degree, finishing up her next album and filming on set for an independent feature film this summer, it's safe to say Heather Fay has a lot in store for us for the remainder of 2021 and well into 2022!

We are proud featuring Heather on the cover of “Vogue Patio”. Let’s get all the tea about her success!

VP: Hi Heather, it’s a pleasure meeting you! How is life?

HF: Thank you so much! Happy to be here! Life is wonderful right now I'm excited about everything I've been working on!


VP: 2020 has been a tough year all over the globe. How was it for you?

HF: 2020 definitely had its ups and downs. I had to adjust to the world shutting down and making sure I did my part to keep everyone safe while still being creative and productive at the same time! Finding the balance between the two was the challenging part!


VP: How has, in your opinion, Covid’19 affected the music industry?

HF: It affected the music industry tremendously and more than what a lot of people would like to admit. A lot of the music industry was still bouncing back and financially recovering from switching over to digital sales vs. physical and then Covid happened. Music revenue took a hit when sales went digital causing artists and labels to make the majority of their money from touring and merchandise sales. Which was fine for acts that have a large fanbase for ticket and merchandise sales and those artists kept the labels going so to speak. When Covid '19 hit there was no more touring. All shows and festivals were canceled for quite some time which took a financial hit on everyone from top to bottom in the industry. 

Read the full interview with Heather in the new "Vogue Patio" #9. Get your copy here!

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